Your path to your own franchise

Instead of doing everything yourself, simply delegate the tedious tasks and continue to focus on the core business. We'll make sure you become a franchisor in no time.

How we work


Personal meeting

The first step involves both personal chemistry and the goals of the individual company owner. Based on this information and answering your initial technical questions, our experts can give you a solid assessment of the implementation of your concept.


Optimisation of the business model

Not every business model is ready to grow as its own franchise system right from the start. Accordingly, our service portfolio also includes advice on optimisation in existing business operations and possible innovations.


Creation of franchise manual and other materials

Once we have agreed on the path to becoming a franchisor, the real work begins.

After our "kick-off" conversation and getting on the same page about a few smaller matters, the preparation of the pre-contractual information provision, the franchise contract and your franchise knowledge base starts.

Once all legal and tax criteria have been met, nothing stands in the way of selling your first licenses


Start of license sales (partner acquisition)

Now it's time to start marketing and sales. Always with our support, of course, so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Typically, in the first year, you can expect to sell 3-5 licenses (and thus new locations).


Expansion of your company

Last but not least, the goal is the systematic growth of your company. Together, we'll build your franchise in such a way that you can gradually pull yourself out of day-to-day business and, if desired, also move a company sale within reach.

Case studies

Real-world case studies

Use real customer examples to get an overview of how franchises can work for you.

Extract from our references

Wecon Netzwerk
BKM Mannesmann
Gauchos del Gusto
Hardcore Fitness
Schoenegger Kaese Alm
era group
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