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Artemis Franchise is one of the leading experts in the development and marketing of franchise systems. With more than 15 years of experience, we specialise in creating, designing, marketing and supporting franchise systems. We are the perfect partner for the development of your franchise system and the acquisition of franchise partners.


We work in partnership and with a laser focus on success

At Artemis Franchise, we value high-quality advice and support that's comprehensive and honest. We have become one of the leading experts in the development and marketing of franchise systems and support customers from almost all industries and company sizes.

Our mission is to support our customers holistically and in partnership with the growth of their franchise systems. The Artemis Franchise team consists of experts who are well versed in the world of franchising. We'll support the development of your company into a franchise from idea to implementation and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as a partner. Thanks to our cross-industry experience and many years of expertise, Artemis offers professional support that supports you holistically in the development and growth of your franchise.

We work in a goal-oriented and success-oriented manner. With our solutions, we strive for a "return on investment" within just six months.

Feel free to contact us. In a non-binding initial consultation, we'll get to know each other and find out how your company can become a successful franchise together.

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We are committed to supporting our customers comprehensively as their partner in growing their franchise systems.

Christian Becker

Christian Becker

Founder and Managing Director of Artemis Franchise GmbH

Forging his own path for around 10 years after working at what is now largest management consulting franchise worldwide. Christian Becker brings a wealth of experience to the company as managing director.

Why Artemis

Our 360° franchise service

Implementation speed is the be-all and end-all in entrepreneurship. More than 15 years of franchise consulting hasn't just created a large network, but a great team too - and that's the major competitive advantage that we can offer to you.

We look at your business model as a whole, make sensible optimisations if necessary and make you a franchisor within just 90 days.

Afterwards, should you wish, we will accompany you in selling licenses and find the right franchise partners together. This gives you a turnkey solution from a single source.

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Through years of experience, countless interviews and press reports from renowned media companies, Artemis has become one of the market leaders in the franchise sector. Check out what the outside world says about us and get an impression for yourself.

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